Our Approach

Aims and Ambitions:

Our business plan for 2015-18, sets out clear aims and objectives that support the growth we hope to achieve and the learners for whom we want to improve provision and outcomes.

We understand the need for any growth to be manageable and achievable; to this end the target position identified below is aim to ensure that all schools are working towards a common goal.

Target Position 2015 - 2018

  1. Our aim is to support all of our existing academies to be judged by Ofsted as at least good, with the capacity to become outstanding.
  2. All pupils will make progress that is judged as at least good as a result of clear analysis and intervention
  3. All teaching across the Trust will be at least good, with the majority outstanding.
  4. There will be maximum capacity for pupil admissions.
  5. Strong governance is recognised across all academies.
  6. Strong leadership is recognised across all academies by an external verifier.
  7. There will be a therapeutic offer for pupils within the Trust and where appropriate on offer to the wider community
  8. Consideration will be given to developing residential provision.
  9. Provision for Trust pupils post school will be considered.
  10. A purpose built school for Riversides School based on 1 site.
  11. To source additional grant funding for specific projects

The business plan breaks down the delivery of work, to achieving these targets, into a plan which is timelined and has clear leadership and monitoring strategies.